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The Nigerian Society for Virology

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Nigerian Society for Virology was formally incorporated as a corporate body on the 30th of August, 2017. Prior to that it's been existing for more than a decade as an organization of few concerned Virologists who met regularly to brainstorm on some issues of the day, most especially when an epidemic of virological concern emerges. Today we are a much organized group with membership almost in every aspect of life: health, academic, research institutions, Agricultural settings, industries etc.

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Founding of the Nigerian Society for Virology

The Nigerian Society for Virology was founded in 2017 under the leadership of Prof. Clement Ibi Mboto following several years of discussions, meetings and planning by a small group of virologists. Today, we have a large pool of members in all works of life all over the country. The first annual meeting of the NSV after its incorporation was held in Calabar on November 8-10, 2017.

Meet Our Team

Prof. Clement Mboto

Professor of Virology, University of Calabar


Dr. Nkereuwem Etok

Ist President-Elect

Prof. James Epoke, FNSVir

Former Vice Chancellor , University of Calabar

1st Vice President(Project, Research & Development)

Mr. Konlak Gilbert, M. Sc

2nd Vice President


Administrative Secretary

No Picture Available

Dr. (Mrs). Jessica Thomas


Dr. (Mrs) Augusta Mmuoegbulam

Secretary General

Dr. Olajide J. Akinjogunla

Head of Technical

Our Aims and objectives

We provide a wide range of services


To provide an effective means for Nigerian Scientists to contribute to international scientific and technological knowledge in the area of Virology.


To promote scientific cooperation among Virologists in Nigeria and other countries.


To establish a center for virological research that will serve as a hub for research, teaching and diagnosis of viral diseases.


To publish reputable professional journals.


To conduct seminars, workshops, conferences’ and short courses in the areas of virology.

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