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We have seen a lot of disease outbreaks, which the system cannot contain. So the laboratories outside Nigeria come in to sustain the system, whereas we have the capacity in terms of the personnel.



    Cheques or money orders should be crossed and made payable in the name of the Nigerian Society for Virology.


    Cheques or money orders should be crossed and made payable in the name of the Nigerian Society for Virology.


    Direct transfer or cash payment into the accounts of the Nigerian Society for Virology held with UBA (Account number: 300 238 9230 for payment in naira and 102 074 4905 for payment in dollars). The sort code for UBA is 033070942.

Request for donation

We are requesting for donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies to enable us execute our 2018-2021 work plans.

Categories For Donation

We provide a wide range of services

01. Build this laboratory for us

Are you a sincere philanthropist? Build this center or a component of the laboratory for us and have your name immortalized for ever. The University will gladly name this center after whosoever supports its building or name a particular section of the laboratory after its donor. Can you help us in this category? We have ready, a design of the building plan and its specifications and approximate cost.
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02. Equipment Donation

Do you have new or used laboratory equipment you are willing to donate to support our project? We will gladly forward to you a full list of our equipment needs or you can forward to us the list of equipment you are willing to donate.
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03. Request for Contributions and In-kind Support:

We are looking for kind hearted individuals and corporate organizations anywhere in the world that can in any way support our dream. The support may be in cash or in kind. A full list of our itemized needs shall be made available to any interested party. At the moment we're particularly interested in equipment and funds for the development of our Laboratories and resource room.

04. Books and journals request

We are looking forward to attaching a mini library with resource materials to the virological center. The library will have a sitting capacity for twenty five. To this end, we are sourcing for donation of books and journals in the areas of virology. Kindly contact us if you can be of any assistance.
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